Bus Stop Designation Plan

Project ManagerConnie Reed, BACTS
Estimated Cost$43,254
Funding SourceCity of Bangor Contract, FTA CARES Act Funding

Data will be collected to determine factors that may affect the siting of bus stops (e.g., land use, pedestrian facilities, fleet characteristics, boarding volumes, demographic data, speed limits, trip generators, etc.) and guidelines developed in the regional bus stop policy will be applied to each route in the Community Connector bus system to site locations of stops. Once stops have been identified, any environmental or geographical impediments which would cause safety concerns will be addressed and adjustments made as necessary. It is anticipated that this process will be completed by route. Once this process is completed for the route, the project manager will connect with the appropriate municipal planner, engineer, or public works director to schedule a meeting to review the site locations. After the municipality reviews and agrees with the proposed location, a draft bus stop map will be developed for the route.

Public outreach and education will be a big part of this project as well. Outreach will be multi-tiered. The first tier will be at the municipal partner level. Municipal staff will have an opportunity to review and comment on any proposed plan prior to public release. There will be several outreach events to educate and obtain public feedback on the proposed plans. The final Plan will include final maps of each route detailing the location and type of each bus stop.

Once each route has been completed, a bus stop inventory will be developed to include the bus stop number, the stop type, infrastructure, amenities, and maintenance. In addition to the inventory, a facility improvement and amenity needs plan will be developed to outline the identified required improvements and amenities required for each designated stop type based on the Bus Stop Policy to assist in developing a fiscal/capital plan.