Regional Collector Paving and Assessment Project

Project ManagerSara Devlin, BACTS
Estimated Costs$59,641
Funding SourceUPWP 2022-2023
Estimated Project ScheduleDecember 2023

Project Description

The BACTS capital funding area consists of urbanized portions of 11 municipalities in the vicinity of Bangor. Currently there are approximately 122 miles of collector road right-of-way in the BACTS urbanized area. Collectors are a type of roadway serving an intermediary function between arterial roads and local streets, often connecting the two. Where arterials serve long trips at high speeds and capacities with little direct access to adjacent land, and where local streets feature low speeds and capacities and provide access to most adjacent parcels, collectors tend to fall somewhere in the middle in these functions.

Collectors also vary as far as maintenance responsibilities, where arterials are more often the purview of state and federal authorities, while local streets tend to be maintained by local governments or even private entities. The condition of collector roadways in urbanized areas is a concern of MPO’s such as BACTS, which secure federal funding for maintenance of these routes. As such, it is critical for BACTS to have an up to date, comprehensive regional understanding of collector road pavement conditions in order to prioritize investments and to be competitive for discretionary funding when it becomes available.