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Committee Purpose and Authority

The primary purpose of the Municipal Partners Transit Committee is to foster a partnership between the public transit provider, City of Bangor – Community Connector, and the municipalities that contribute to the operation of the public transit system within the Greater Bangor Urbanized Area (UZA). 

This is a working committee with no voting rights extended to the BACTS Policy Committee, Bangor City Council, or decision-making board of any public transit provider. The decision-making boards may, in its discretion, consult and follow recommendations of the Committee. However, it is important to clearly understand that this committee’s capacity is to enhance communication and coordination, as well as offer recommendations, to the ultimate decision-making bodies.

Code of Conduct and Meeting Etiquette

This guidance is intended to maximize meeting time and discussion quality.

Respect and appreciate the value of everyone’s time.

– Come to meetings prepared.
– Meetings will begin and end on time.
– Stick to the topic at hand.  If you have other matters to raise, wait until the agenda items under discussion have been fully discussed and resolved and the Chair has called for other business.

 Respect and appreciate the value of individual contributions, opinions and ideas.

– The Chair will control the agenda and guide the proceedings of the meeting.
– Be honest and candid in a respectful manner.
– Communicate criticism in a constructive and positive manner.
– Contribute freely, but avoid dominating conversations.
– Give attention to the person who has the floor.
– Avoid engaging in side conversations.
– Set cell phones to silent for the duration of the meeting.  If you have an urgent matter, take calls outside the meeting room.

The Chair will announce the opportunity for public input after the item under discussion has been fully discussed and resolved by the committee.  Five minutes will be allotted for public input and will be limited to the subject of the agenda item. At the discretion of the Chair, additional time may be granted.

Agendas and Minutes


MayAgenda and Attachments


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Municipal Partners Transit Committee Meeting - May 6, 2020 9:30 a.m.

Policy Committee Meeting - May 19, 2020 9:30 a.m.



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