Regional Culvert Inventory and Capacity Analysis

Project Manager: Madeline Jensen, BACTS
Estimated Costs:

Funding Source:
UPWP 2024-2025
Project Schedule:
March 2024 – December 2024

Project Description

BACTS seeks to better understand the condition of local assets in order to assist with capital planning decisions, more strategically allocate limited funds, and pursue discretionary funding. While individual municipalities may have data on the culverts within their own municipality, there is no collective database which catalogs infrastructure on a regional scale. BACTS is looking to create and maintain an up-to-date, regional inventory of existing and planned culverts located on collector and arterial class roads in the Greater Bangor Urbanized Area (see map below for included areas). This formal inventory will not only define the state of the system, but will also consider climate projections which impact stormwater hazards.