Sara Devlin

Sara Devlin, Executive Director

Sara joined the BACTS team in January 2020. Sara has 12 years of experience in the transit and transportation field. The Executive Director’s primary responsibilities include overseeing the development of the Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP), the Transportation Improvement Program (TIP), and Public Participation Program. Sara also provides project management for large regional transportation studies, facilitates regional strategic planning, and oversees active studies and capital projects.


Connie Reed

Connie Reed, Transportation Planner

Connie has worked with BACTS since January of 2017. Connie’s primary responsibilities as Transportation Planner include facilitating the development and updating of required metropolitan planning products, managing transit projects and studies, and overseeing implementation of GIS and data visualization systems.


Dianne Rice-Hansen

Dianne Rice-Hansen, Transportation Project Manager

Dianne has worked for BACTS since its incorporation in April of 2013. Dianne’s primary responsibilities include collecting and managing traffic and safety data, acting as project manager for various studies and local projects, and preparing the Transportation Improvement Program for the BACTS urbanized area.


Paige Nadeau

Paige Nadeau, Office Coordinator

Paige joined the BACTS team in August 2020. She has her MBA from Husson University as well as a BS in Accounting. Paige was previously an auditor who specialized in non-profits. Paige’s primary responsibilities include providing administrative support, bookkeeping, digital media, and basic IT support.