Traffic Incident Management

traffic incident management Route 9
Credit: Maine DOT

Traffic Incident Management (TIM) consists of a planned and coordinated multi-disciplinary process to detect, respond to, and clear traffic incidents so that traffic flow may be restored as safely and quickly as possible. Effective TIM reduces the duration and impacts of traffic incidents and improves the safety of motorists, crash victims and emergency responders.

TIM Committees are groups of stakeholders consisting of law enforcement, fire, rescue, towing, recovery, and transportation agencies interested in enhancing traffic incident management on Maine’s roadways.

Traffic incident management extrication

  • Increase responder safety by eliminating struck-by incidents, injuries, and fatalities.
  • Minimize impacts to the free flow of traffic
  • Decrease incident clearance time
  • Decrease secondary incident occurrences
  • Improve inter-agency communication during incidents.

The Maine TIM program focuses on the following objectives:

If you would like more information about TIM Groups and training opportunities please visit or contact Jacob Stein or Sara Devlin.